By: Stephanie Porfiris, June 21 2023

In partnership with The Firehood, a leading network for women in tech, Elevate is proud to announce the launch of Elevate Women+, made possible by the Government of Canada. Through investment readiness programs, mentorship guidance, networking opportunities, and access to capital, this program is striving to create a more inclusive and accessible tech and innovation ecosystem in Canada. 

Supported by an up to $2.3M grant from the WES Inclusive Women Venture Capital Initiative, this new program will champion women-identifying founders and investors, and will serve to foster a space for diverse entrepreneurship and growth. Learn more about how this $2.3 Million Investment in Women Entrepreneurs & Investors plays a vital role in uniting Canada’s Women in Tech community.

Here is everything you need to know about Elevate Women+.

Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator

The Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator is an 8-week virtual program designed to globally scale an early-stage startup or innovative tech solution. The inaugural tech startups will be selected to join the Incubator, of which 3 will be handpicked to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in the final showcase onstage at Elevate Festival, taking place in Toronto from September 26-28, 2023. 

Participants in this program will gain valuable investment readiness skills, get feedback and funding from investors, and compete for a $100,000 cash investment prize!

Eligibility requirements:

  1. A women-identified or gender-diverse tech startup founder with an innovative solution that has the potential to scale globally
  2. Actively fundraising or considering fundraising your first external round of capital (ie. angel investment)
  3. Based in Canada
  4. Working on a product that is currently being built, ready to be launched, or already launched

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Women+ Investor Incubator

Designed for aspiring women or gender-diverse investors, the Women+ Investor Incubator is an 8-week virtual program that will endow participants with valuable skills in evaluating, funding, and advising high-growth entrepreneurs. Investors will be instructed on analyzing pitch decks, investment memo writing, and deal closing, and will receive Due Diligence support and access to an online investment platform to manage the investment process. 

The inaugural investors chosen for the Women+ Investor Incubator will be able to engage with a handpicked group of women and gender-diverse tech entrepreneurs seeking funds and will join a panel of judges in a startup showcase on stage at Elevate Festival.

Eligible investors must be: 

  1. A women-identified or gender-diverse individual
  2. Based in Canada
  3. Qualified as an accredited investor (i.e. have a minimum of $200,000 CAD individual annual income or $300,000 CAD household annual income; or have net financial assets equal to or greater than $1 million CAD alone or with a spouse; or have over $5 million net worth)*
  4. Interested in joining The Firehood and investing in women-identified or gender-diverse founders’ innovative tech solutions
  5. Willing and able to commit to 2 months of dedicated investor-readiness programming and follow-up coaching on the investment due diligence process.

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Women+ Meetups

In addition to the Entrepreneur and Investor Incubators, Elevate and The Firehood will attend meetups and events across Canada to help foster the growing community of women-identifying founders, investors, and thought leaders!

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Women+ Resources

Elevate and The Firehood have also curated a list of articles and resources to help educate and inform aspiring entrepreneurs and investors about the ins and outs of the industry. 

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