Data & Trust in the Age of Disruption

September 17 | Interac in conversation with Amy Webb

Innovation moves fast, but a global pandemic moves faster.  Everything changed. The way we work. The way we educate. The way we receive healthcare. The way we vote, shop, eat, socialize. The way we attend events.  In six months, major industries have been disrupted and will continue to be affected as we await a second wave.  Some innovated quickly, some crumbled, and others are still rebuilding.

Trust is the first vital ingredient to innovation – it is the new currency. It unifies communities, enables prosperity and is imperative for businesses to create relevant, secure experiences for their customers. Trust is vital in the future we want to build.

Futurist and best selling author, Amy Webb and Debbie Gamble explore the future of data ownership, shifting tech trends, and the crossroads of trust and innovation in the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn how businesses need to adapt to navigate the path forward.