Leading Exponential Change

By: Stephanie Porfiris, October 23 2020

Event Recap

Our guests were joined by Keith Ferrazzi, a #1 NYT bestselling author of Never Eat Alone, Who’s Got Your Back, and Leading Without Authority. He’s an entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, and an executive team coach to some of the most prominent organizations in the world. Keith led the group through a discussion of transformation during challenging times.

Key learnings

Discussion topics included:

  • In times of challenge, we all have a choice
  • The three-year challenge to eradicate systemic racism from our companies
  • How to be a radical agent of change
  • How do we lift energy within major corporations? 
  • Bulletproofing strategies
  • The risks of a fear-based culture

“Each of you has the opportunity to be the tipping point of transformation within your organization. Truly. And I think you have a choice to inch forward for the next 18 months. Shame on us for not taking advantage of the wind on our back.”


You may have missed out on this conversation, but don’t worry — we have more upcoming CHRO roundtables featuring amazing experts!