Chinedu Enekwe

Co-Founder, Nandi Labs

Chinedu Enekwe
Co-Founder, Nandi Labs

Chinedu Enekwe is co-founder & president of Nandi Labs, a Web3 studio that enables
Black creators & digital media companies of art & culture. He’s a creative producer,
organizing the NXT.ART Pavilion, co-producer of the musical FELA! on Clubhouse and
podcasts distributed on Black Enterprise and Business Insider Africa. He began his creative
journey as a performance poet and recording artist before joining the venture capital firm,
Exponential Creativity Ventures as a principal investing in creative tools. He left that role to
launch his own fund as the general partner at Passbook Ventures, an early-stage venture
capital firm investing in US immigrants building tools for the future of commerce for the next
generation of internet users.
He’s a Moonshot Fellow of the Kravis Lab for Social Impact, founding member of the Forbes
Impact Community and serves on the advisory board of Impact Entrepreneur Magazine