Never Underestimate the Power of a Coffee Chat: A Conversation with Noor Marzook

By: Stephanie Porfiris, July 23 2021

Elevate Talent exists to match underrepresented professionals with companies eager to hire diverse talent.

This speaker series offers a closer look behind the curtain at the professional journeys of thought leaders operating in the space.

Elevate sat down with Noor Marzook, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Flipp,  to parse out her path from seasoned pro at a PR agency to innovative disruptor at a skyrocketing tech firm.

Noor’s tenure at Flipp began with a coffee chat.

After having spent a decade working in consumer-facing positions at leading public relations firms, she was ready for a change of pace. 

She had grown tired of telling stories from the agency side, dividing her day among a laundry list of accounts and clients, and instead wanted to work in-house, dedicating all of her time and energy to one company and directly participating in its development. 

Over coffee, Noor explained her desire for change to a mentor, thus catalyzing a process that would conclude with a job offer from Flipp. 

Based out of Toronto, Flipp is a free shopping and savings app for North American Consumers. 

Noor says that Flipp “finds best prices for products that you’re looking for close to home.”

Noor’s tenure at Flipp began with a PR manager position. Within two years, her mandate has grown wildly; today, she is Flipp’s Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, operating in the content marketing, social media marketing, internal communications, and employer branding spaces. 

When asked by an audience member to break down the key behaviours and decisions leading to her impressive professional path, Noor explained two tenets she has maintained throughout her career.

First, Noor stressed the much under-utilized power of networking. Who you know is almost as important as what you know in today’s hyper-connected world. Mentors and advisors can open doors and point you in directions you never considered for yourself. 

Additionally, Noor explained the role company culture plays in her decision-making process. 

She says, “You’re interviewing the company as much as they’re interviewing you. You need to see that as a two-way conversation.” 

One of the many reasons Noor has enjoyed her position at Flipp so much is the emphasis the firm has placed on establishing a healthy company culture. Flipp has a culture committee and culture playbook, which outlines the traits all employees must embody: hunger, high intelligence, and humility, among others. 

Noor is an undeniable role model for anyone trying to make a mark in the tech and innovation ecosystem, and her advice applies to everyone, regardless of how far they have progressed in their career.