5 Reasons Investors Should Attend the CIX Summit

By: Shivani Persad, February 08 2024

The CIX Summit is the perfect place for investors, founders and advisors to meet in an intimate setting. Grab your tickets now!

Regardless of the type of attendee you are, networking is the number one reason to attend CIX. There’s no other place in Canada with 200+ investors, 200+ founders and 100+ advisors in the same room (not to mention Vinod Khosla!). Building a solid network is invaluable in the investment world. At the CIX Summit, you can open doors to co-investment opportunities, partnerships, and valuable insights. 

people meeting and shaking hands at CIX summit

four more reasons investors can’t miss the CIX Summit:

Access to emerging startups

Investors get upfront access to the Top 20 Early and Top 10 Growth-stage award recipients. 140+ prominent North American investors selected these startups. These founders are ready to pitch and may even have a pitch explicitly crafted for you. It’s time to build your deal flow pipeline and provide mentorship and support to the next Canadian startup success story.

Keynote by Vinod Khosla

CIX is your chance to hear from a well-known and influential venture capitalist in an atmosphere curated for investors like you. At CIX, you get to rub shoulders with a true pioneer in technology and innovation.

Diverse investment opportunities

Build your deal flow pipeline with access to 200+ startups in one room. Diversify your portfolio by connecting with founders from various industries. Investors at CIX will hear from startup founders across multiple sectors, from healthcare to finance, retail, and beyond. 

Market insights

Gain unparalleled market knowledge directly from the visionary founders shaping tomorrow’s tech landscape. Through discussions at CIX, investors often leave making more informed decisions and refining their investment strategies. 

The CIX Summit is a cornerstone event in Canada’s tech sector. This event merges influential figures like Vinod Khosla, investors like you, and Canada’s most promising startups. It’s the only event in Canada where you can connect with early and growth-stage startups primed for investment. Take advantage of the chance to have Meeting Exchanges with startups, invest early, and back the potential unicorns of Canada’s future! Don’t miss out – visit CIX Summit 2024 for more details and be part of this transformative experience!