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Prepare your startup for fundraising by applying for the Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator, focused on helping women & gender-diverse entrepreneurs fundraise and scale with success. You could win a $100,000 cash investment prize for your business!

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Are you a woman or gender-diverse entrepreneur in the early stages of building an innovative tech solution that has the potential to scale globally? Elevate your tech startup and prepare for fundraising with the Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator, designed by Elevate, and in partnership with The Firehood, a Canadian organization on a mission to increase the participation, leadership, and prosperity of Canadian women in technology.

The 30 tech startups will be selected to join the Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator, from which 5 businesses will get the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in the final showcase on stage at Uniting the Prairies, taking place in Saskatoon from May 22nd-23rd, 2024.

Apply now to the 8-week Virtual Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator to gain valuable investment readiness skills, meet directly with investors, and earn the chance to pitch for the  $100,000 cash investment prize.

Eligibility Criteria

You’re the ideal fit for the Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator program to scale up your startup and pitch your innovative tech solution if the following applies to you:

  • Women-identified or gender-diverse tech startup founder with an innovative solution that has the potential to scale globally
  • Actively fundraising an early-stage round of financing (ie. angel to seed)
  • Based in Canada 
  • Product that is currently being built, ready to be launched, or already launched

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Key Dates

06 February 2024
12 March 2024
09 April 2024
Program Kicks Off
22 May 2024
Pitch Competition on Stage
(Finals @ Uniting the Prairies- In person)
23 May 2024
Pitch Competition on Stage
(Finals @ Uniting the Prairies- In person)

Why Apply

A Chance to Pitch on Stage for Cash

Earn the chance to pitch on stage at Uniting the Prairies and the opportunity to win an over $100,000 CAD cash investment prize from participants of Elevate’s Women+ Investor Incubator program.

Mentorship & Advisory

Access to mentors, coaches, and advisors in key areas of fundraising such as refining your pitch deck, building a data room, and crafting your fundraising strategy.


Connect with other experienced founders for peer-to-peer learning and investors to explore fundraising opportunities.


Join a community of women founders and gender-diverse entrepreneurs from coast to coast.

Brand Awareness

Create brand exposure and generate leads for your business through Elevate’s extensive audience.

Full Access to Uniting the Prairies

Receive a complimentary Startup Pass to Uniting the Prairies, taking place in Saskatoon (May 22-23, 2024).

Dedicated Programming

8 weeks of dedicated programming for startup founders centered on preparing for a round of fundraising. Programming is generally held Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 pm – 2 pm EST over Zoom for the 8 weeksFounders are expected to commit 2-4 hours per week to the program. Key topics include workshops and deep dives led by experienced mentors on:

  • Understanding the Startup Landscape
  • Sparking Investor Interest
  • Preparing for Investment: Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Cap Table, Investment Terms and Valuation Considerations
  • Pitch Deck
  • Advisory Fusion: Igniting Growth / Setting Your Startup Ablaze with Advisory Networks and Board Seats
  • Preparing for the Fundraise: Strategies and Execution
  • Navigating Negotiations, Follow-Up
  • Mastering Financial Aspects: Taxes and Investor Relations
  • Evaluation on Fire: Scorching Teams, Sizzling Products, and Market Firestorms
  • Exit Flames: Strategies to Torch Your Way Out


Announced on stage at Elevate Festival, Medreddie was the recipient of $450,000 in cash investment, alongside NL Patent and Cheekbone Beauty who secured capital.

“I am profoundly grateful to visionary leaders Danielle Graham and Claudette McGowan, Co-Founders of The Firehood, and Lisa Zarzeczny, CEO of Elevate. Their unwavering commitment to championing women in tech serves as an enduring inspiration. We are deeply honoured to receive this substantial investment, acknowledging the pivotal role it plays in advancing our mission.”

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your business! Apply by March 8, 2024.

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