Sapna Malhotra


Sapna Malhotra brings more than two decades of international management consulting experience in sales and business operations in the technology, financial services, and telecommunications industries. Sapna started her career at Accenture and became the global business change & optimization practice lead. She teaches part time Introduction to Management Consultancy at George Brown College, Toronto. Author of the Amazon Best Seller’s book: Connect the Dots: Turn Strangers into Meaningful Network Relationships.

Sapna is also a globally recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). She truly believes that education and awareness are instrumental in overcoming any obstacles and perception challenges both globally and locally.

Sapna holds numerous certificates in Change Management Leadership; Lean Six Sigma accreditation and DevOps; Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP); and UX Design Foundation certifications. Sapna is known for her constant industry curiosity about new and emerging technologies; and with being on the forefront of this innovation revolution, helping her coaching clients chart their own way.

She started CanInnovate podcast ( ) focusing on Canadian innovators that are changing the game and hosting master classes to deepen our knowledge and skills.

You can find Sapna walking, hiking and exploring new areas; trying to win the world’s greatest aunt award; discovering new places to brunch; and inventing her own new recipes.


Mon, Sept 23

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11:45am - 12:05pm

New Media

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow. How Mindset in Youth or Any Age Leads to Success with Ariel Garten

Our young generations are strong and capable of limitless possibilities, but if Ariel Garten were to guess, most of them wouldn’t agree. The voices in their heads and constant comparison of themselves to others on social media try to hold them back from being their true, brilliant selves and reaching their full potential. After learning that 85% of the world is suffering from low self-esteem, Ariel knew she needed to utilize her background in neuroscience to do something about it to help young people develop healthy habits around wellbeing. Ariel has spent the past decade building a technology that gives real-time feedback on the brain, which is now helping hundreds of thousands gain control over their mind to find one’s self. Ariel will share how technology and wellness practices like meditation can empower young people to overcome negativity and fear to understand their purpose and create a more progressive generation driving change.

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