Mike Mason

Global Head of Technology

I’m passionate about bringing cutting edge technology to bear on business problems and helping our customers understand how tech can be a critical part of their business. As Global Head of Technology, I’m responsible for the strategic technology direction of ThoughtWorks, building our tech organization and capability, and ensuring success of our client deliveries.

Within the Office of the CTO I advise our CTO and our global leadership team and I define and drive global technology initiatives. We analyze industry and technology trends and innovations and determine ThoughtWorks’ Global Technology Strategy. I contribute to our Technology Radar, a twice-yearly publication that analyzes software industry tools and techniques. Along with other global leaders, I oversee significant initiatives such as our work protecting a free and open Internet and advocating for strong privacy protections for individuals.

As a member of the Office of the Chief Commercial Officer, I am part of an executive team driving strategic change in the ThoughtWorks business portfolio. I am responsible for integrating technology deeply into our client demand strategy and working with our Commercial Directors to bring regional strategies to life. I ensure that ThoughtWorks finds, wins and delivers technically innovative work and that our capabilities match our aspirations and that the community of ThoughtWorks technologists continues to grow and thrive.


Mon, Sept 23


02:05pm - 02:25pm

Digital Transformation

What’s Your Digital Fluency? with Mike Mason of ThoughtWorks

Organizations undertaking a digital transformation often run into trouble. Two common mistakes are restricting a transformation effort to just the IT department, and over- or under-investing in different parts of the transformation. Digital Fluency tackles both these problems. Mike will show how digital transformation can be a holistic, organization-wide effort with clearly defined benefits and outcomes. Mike will also cover some ‟sensible default” initial investments that you can make to begin (or progress) your transformation journey.

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Tues, Sept 24

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Wed, Sept 25

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Thurs, Sept 26

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