Jane Moran

SVP, Data & Technology

I am a passionate problem-solver, seeking out an organization’s biggest challenges and solving them with data and analytics.

My background includes working in an innovation lab, developing new data & analytics products, and supporting day-to-day analytics business operations. In my current role, I lead over 230 data & analytics and IT professionals, including data scientists, software engineers, developers, product owners, marketing operations experts and analytic service delivery consultants.

I believe that successful data and analytics projects involve more than simply technical development. In leading these projects I support not only the technical aspects of innovation, but also the evolution of business processes and service delivery models that are required for full implementation of a new solution into the business. This requires extensive collaboration and communication with other senior leaders in the organization – both on the technical side of the business as well as on the service delivery side.


Mon, Sept 23


10:45am - 11:15am

Data Analytics

Can you rise to your consumers’ expectations? with Jane Moran of LoyaltyOne

Leveraging Data at Scale to Treat Your Best Customers Better and Find Your Next Best Customer. Ever since the emergence of the “Big Data” promise, brands all over the world have been trying to solve how to leverage data at scale to deepen the relationship with their customers. But when only 20% of big data programs are successful, you have to wonder why brands struggle. What is holding brands back? Today’s savvy consumers demand not only transparency but value in exchange for their data and it’s more important than ever for businesses to harness the data they collect to deliver meaningful value to both their customers and organizations. The brands that don’t are sure to be left behind. Jane will talk about how the network effect delivers a win-win scenario for their customers and shareholders.


11:15am - 11:25am

Data Analytics

Ask me Anything with Jane Moran of LoyaltyOne

The audience will have the opportunity to delve into their burning questions around how to leverage data at scale with Jane Moran.

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Tues, Sept 24

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