Drew Taylor

CoFounder & CEO

Dr. Drew Taylor is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Acorn Biolabs. Biologist and former professional athlete, Drew has charted his path across molecular cell biology, science and baseball with steadfast passion over his career. He completed an undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Michigan and a Masters from the same school in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. He also completed his PhD with the University of Toronto in Biomedical Engineering. Drew has enjoyed a successful career in professional minor league baseball as a pitcher for both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies, charting parallel paths across both professional sports and science. Prior to joining Acorn, Drew spent several years as Chief Science Officer at Epic Capital Management working across the flourishing biotech start-up community, and prior to that he was part of the Mount Sinai Hospital Bioengineering of Skeletal Tissues Team. He has been widely published across international medical journals with specific focus on tissue engineering and sports medicine. Drew’s current mandate is to lead Acorn Biolabs to market to bring accessible, non-invasive and affordable live cell collection and preservation to consumers everywhere.


Mon, Sept 23


10:00am - 10:10am


Welcome & Opening Remarks at Elevate Wellness – The Future of Health

Kenzie Brenna, actress and mental health advocate, opens the Elevate Wellness stage. Kenzie uses social media as a transparency tool, encouraging those in her community to find boldness within themselves. Get a sneak peek at the journey we will take at Elevate Wellness as we steer towards the Future of Health.


02:15pm - 02:30pm


Your Cells Will Be The Next Currency in Healthcare – Are You Ready?

Over the next few years, cell-based medical innovations will revolutionize the way we treat diseases and the way we think about our own personal healthcare. Increasingly, doctors will be leveraging our own cells as powerful sources of therapies. And that will make our cells very valuable.


02:50pm - 03:20pm


How Precision Medicine Will Revolutionize the Future of Healthcare with Molly Shoichet of Shoichet Labs, Dr. Ian Rogers (Lunenfield-Tanenbaum Research Institute), Dr. Elaine Chin & Drew Taylor of Acorn Labs moderated by Balaji Gopalan (Medstack)

The promise of personalized medicine is real. Innovations in biology are rapidly advancing the pace of medicine even well beyond the pace of what technologists used to describe with Moore's law. But how do we make sense of it all and how can we begin to distill the potential of precision medicine into actionable ideas that enable populations everywhere to capitalize on its promise?

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Tues, Sept 24

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Wed, Sept 25

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Thurs, Sept 26

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