Aran Hamilton

President & Co-Founder

One of Canada’s leading digital and mobile economy strategists, with a focus on predictive analytics and digital payment systems, Aran has spent the past two decades working with retailers, banks, payment networks, and wireless carriers to shape our ecommerce environment and drive adoption of secure digital identity.

Aran is a much sought-after speaker and advisor to leadership teams seeking to capitalize on emerging retail, digital payment and identity opportunities created by new technology. His counsel helps organizations better understand how trends in data, mobile and social, emerging payments, and digital identity will impact them and how they can respond.

Aran currently serves as the Chair of IdentityNorth, Canada’s premier digital economy conference, is the past Chair of the Mobile Transactions & Commerce Summit, and the founding president of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). In this capacity, Aran worked to support the growth of Canada’s digital economy by creating national standards for online ID and authentication.

A successful entrepreneur, Aran is the President and Co-Founder of Vantage, a leading artificial intelligence driven marketing platform for brands and retailers. Prior to co-founding Vantage, Aran helped launch Canada’s first mobile wallet, a joint venture between the country’s leading mobile network operators. As the Regional Vice President for Verisign, Aran played a significant role in the development of Canada’s mobile security, identity verification, and commerce markets. Aran was also the Special Advisor for Mobile and Innovative Payments Systems to the Task Force for Payments System review.
Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Aran has B.Sc. in Biology from Dalhousie University and an MBA from the Rotman School at the University of Toronto.


Mon, Sept 23


02:45pm - 03:10pm

Data Analytics

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Tues, Sept 24

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Wed, Sept 25


03:08pm - 03:38pm


The Global Impact of Digital Identity with Aran Hamilton of Identity North, Neil Butters of Interac, Joni Brennan of Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada, Katie Greenberg of Scotiabank, and Azadeh Dindayal of IDENTOS Inc.

Digital ID and authentication projects are gaining attention in many parts of Canada and around the world, This panel will explain why this is an important initiative, what it will enable for us, how it will impact the concept of money, and how Canadian tech companies have an advantage in this new emerging trend.

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Thurs, Sept 26

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