Mon, Sept 23

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Mon, Sept 23


TELUS Innovation Centre

25 York St

In a world where rapid advancements in technology are impacting our health and wellness, for better or for worse, these thought leaders are addressing the challenges that face us head-on.

In the morning, Elevate Wellness will explore how technology can holistically support our wellbeing with the tools we need to lead a balanced lifestyle, and the darker side where experts and creators will weigh in on the pain points, such as social media fatigue and creator burnout.

In the afternoon, join us for an in-depth look at the exciting future of healthcare, propelled by leading-edge technologies and momentous scientific discoveries. Leaders from the scientific community will guide us through innovations in drug development, regenerative medicine, and precision medical care that may hold the key to us living longer and better.

Wellness Speakers

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Mon, Sept 23


10:00am - 10:10am

Welcome & Opening Remarks at Elevate Wellness – The Future of Health

Kenzie Brenna, actress and mental health advocate, opens the Elevate Wellness stage. Kenzie uses social media as a transparency tool, encouraging those in her community to find boldness within themselves. Get a sneak peek at the journey we will take at Elevate Wellness as we steer towards the Future of Health.


10:10am - 10:40am

In conversation with Tonya Lewis Lee moderated by Namugenyi Kiwanuka

Join us at Elevate 2019!


10:45am - 11:05am

Messy Business: The CEO of Thinx on Lessons from Life and Leadership

Maria Molland, CEO of Thinx Inc., a family of brands that supports bodies from first periods to post menopause and all the leaks in between, shares what being the leader of a “disruptive” brand means for her, both personally and professionally. By tracing a narrative from her life experiences to the development of Thinx’s brand story, Maria explains that being a disruptor isn’t about blowing things up, it's about making room for new innovation, new voices, new perspectives, and new norms.


11:05am - 11:25am

What it means to be truly Accessible for All

Maayan has been a trailblazer in the world of accessibility, from tech, to media and art, to public policy. Join her for a candid discussion on how we can transform our workplaces, our communities, and our culture, to be truly accessible for all. None of that inclusive-ish jargon, Maayan is direct and irreverent when it comes to sharing personal experiences from her journey as CEO of AccessNow in establishing a new tone for accessibility.


11:25am - 11:51am

A Viral Epidemic: Creator Burnout with YouTube Influencer Stef Sanjati in conversation with Rachel David of Hashtag Communications

What impact does unchecked technology have on personal health? Stef Sanjati, CEO of Sanjati Inc, is known for the deeply honest documentation of her gender transition and discussion of difficult subjects like mental health and eating disorders. Sanjati will bring this openness to Elevate Wellness stage, shining a light on the epidemic of burnout faced by YouTube Creators due to the increasing demand of fan expectations and algorithms.


12:10pm - 12:30pm

Elevate + Move with Jose Lopez: A 30 minute restorative, mobility session to help you power through Elevate tech fest with ease.

Jose is a fitness influencer and has been a personal trainer in Toronto for over 15 years. He offers his clients and online audience functional fitness tips and health advice for the real world. His style of training is all about moving better, building core strength & getting stronger.


01:05pm - 01:30pm

Overcoming Life’s Hurdles to Achieve Olympic Size Success with Sarah Wells and Sam Effah

Sarah and Sam are Team Canada teammates who have travelled the world competing at international competitions. It hasn’t been an easy road, as both of these incredible athletes have experienced near career-ending injuries. Sarah was sidelined with an injury the year of her first Olympic Games and made a comeback within six months to compete and finish as an Olympic semi-finalist. Sam was diagnosed with major labral tears in both hips, and fought his way back from this near career-ending injury to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Join us as these two discuss Amazing Race Canada, their work in social good, and the power of believing in yourself to overcome any challenge.


01:30pm - 01:50pm

The Future of Healthcare in a Digital World with Zayna Khayat of SE Health

An unprecedented amount of change is coming to our largely analog and institution-entered health systems in this era of digitization and democratization. Dr. Khayat will explore how consumer pull, outdated/unsustainable business models, and emerging technologies are accelerating the shift towards the future of healthcare.


01:50pm - 02:10pm

Engineering Change with Molly Shoichet, Founder of Shoichet Labs

Join us at Elevate 2019!


02:15pm - 02:30pm

Your Cells Will Be The Next Currency in Healthcare – Are You Ready?

Over the next few years, cell-based medical innovations will revolutionize the way we treat diseases and the way we think about our own personal healthcare. Increasingly, doctors will be leveraging our own cells as powerful sources of therapies. And that will make our cells very valuable.


02:30pm - 02:50pm

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Telomeres to Live a Longer & Healthier Tomorrow with Dr. Elaine Chin of The Executive Health Centre

While we wait to one day be able to grow new healthy organs using our own stem cells, we must take care of our bodies today and live as ‘young’ as possible. Dr. Chin will share her expertise in Precision Medicine and prove to you that by slowing down the shortening of your telomeres, you can live a longer and healthier life.

Telomeres are the genetic end tips of your chromosomes. They’re like the plastic tips on shoelaces because of the way they prevent chromosome ends from unraveling and sticking to each other. This can lead to premature cell death and health problems. Telomeres shorten naturally as we age but certain aging processes and other lifestyle stressors shorten them, even faster.

There are ideal biomarkers levels that are critical to maintaining healthy telomeres. New technologies can allow us to do a number of these specialized precision medicine diagnostics using at-home testing kits. Dr. Chin will highlight her list of Top 10 Precision Medicine Tests you should consider to keep your telomeres as long as possible.


02:50pm - 03:20pm

How Precision Medicine Will Revolutionize the Future of Healthcare with Molly Shoichet of Shoichet Labs, Dr. Ian Rogers (Lunenfield-Tanenbaum Research Institute), Dr. Elaine Chin & Drew Taylor of Acorn Labs moderated by Balaji Gopalan (Medstack)

The promise of personalized medicine is real. Innovations in biology are rapidly advancing the pace of medicine even well beyond the pace of what technologists used to describe with Moore's law. But how do we make sense of it all and how can we begin to distill the potential of precision medicine into actionable ideas that enable populations everywhere to capitalize on its promise?


03:20pm - 04:00pm

Moonshots to Earthshots — Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact: Martine Rothblatt, Founder of United Therapeutics, in Conversation with Ilse Treurnicht of Triphase Accelerator Corporation

Martine Rothblatt, founder and CEO of biotechnology company United Therapeutics, was inspired to start a business to save her daughter’s life. Speaking at Elevate Wellness, the one-time founder of SiriusXM will share her new mission to manufacture an unlimited supply of transplantable organs, and how we can live forever by uploading our subconscious to the cloud.


04:30pm - 07:30pm

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