Smart Cities Summit 4.0

Data, Privacy and Commercialization

Wed, Sept 25

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What is the Smart Cities Summit?

With large scale projects underway and bold proposals for the future of urban living being debated, Toronto is at the centre of a global conversation about smart cities ecosystems. The Board’s annual half-day of discussion and advocacy on September 25 will be a recognition of this moment and the critical importance of getting it right.

The cities of tomorrow are being created today. From data governance, to public trust, to commercialization of new technologies, it’s clear we need new thinking if we are to make the most of this new opportunity.

The goals of the Summit are to showcase smart city projects already taking place and find ways to unlock long term opportunities to achieve commercialization and deployment of smart cities technologies that will enable better socio-economic outcomes.

The Board’s Smart Cities Summit 4.0 is being hosted by the Board as part of Elevate Tech Fest.

Space is limited.

Location: Toronto Region Board of Trade, 4th Floor – Lennox Hall, First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide St. West

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Mon, Sept 23

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Tues, Sept 24

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Wed, Sept 25


10:00am - 10:05am

Welcome & Opening Remarks at Elevate Smart Cities – Data, Privacy & Commercialization

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10:05am - 10:55am

Scaling the Barcelona Model with Daniel Marco of the Government of Catalonia

A strong focus on data policies and direct democracy helped make Barcelona a global smart cities leader. But how does a locally focused model get scaled across an entire region? Don’t miss this chance to hear directly from a leader who made it happen.


11:00am - 11:30am

Data Governance for the Public Realm with Eric Hovest of Accenture Industry X.0, Avner Levin of Ryerson University’s Privacy & Cybercrime Institute & Maithili Mavinkurve of Sightline Innovation moderated by Jennifer Hollett

We’ve become accustomed to our data being collected when shopping, sharing, or streaming on our devices. The past two years have taught policymakers that the public may be less comfortable when data are collected as we move around the city. Our experts will discuss how building public trust with transparent data policies is essential to the future of urban tech.


11:35am - 12:00pm

Why Are We Even Doing This? with Dr. Shoshanna Saxe & Bilal Khan

On everything from public transit to waste collection, cities have functioned for centuries. Some say smart cities tech is a series of solutions in search of a problem. Others say it is the next step in the evolution of more efficient communities. A top smart cities sceptic meets a top data strategist to hash out if this is all worth it.


01:05pm - 01:45pm

How to Do Business with Cities with Alby Bocanegra of Mastercard

Cities can be slow-moving, complicated creatures, but landing that big contract can change everything for urban tech companies. Hear insights and expertise from a leader who has sat at both sides of the table.


01:50pm - 02:20pm

Procurement & Supporting Homegrown Technology with Mike Tremblay of Invest Ottawa, Barbara Swartzentruber of City of Guelph & Paul Lewis of Scottish Development International moderated by Andy Potter of Deloitte

Ontario’s innovation ecosystem creates many of the urban tech solutions community leaders are asking for. But are cities doing enough to build the bridge to local entrepreneurs with new solutions? Experts from home and abroad will discuss the ways decision-makers can support the commercialization of local technology.


02:25pm - 02:50pm

Designing with Humans in Mind with George Karayannis of Panasonic CityNOW

Transparency, communication and stakeholder engagement. Those are just some of the keys to successfully launching smart cities initiatives. Hear what your city can learn from the experiences of a global expert.


02:55pm - 03:30pm

Infrastructure & Investment

Smart buildings. New forms of energy. The Internet of Things. The city of the future is exciting…and expensive. Our experts will discuss how the challenges and opportunities of investing in infrastructure that’s built for the future.


03:30pm - 04:30pm

Networking Reception

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Thurs, Sept 26

There are no sessions for this stage on this day. Try another.