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Thurs, Sept 26

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Thurs, Sept 26


TELUS Innovation Centre

25 York St, 3rd Floor

In the age of mass consumerism and rising ecommerce, retailers of all kinds face new challenges. Emerging technologies have reoriented consumer behaviour, transforming the expectation of the retail experience, and putting more pressure on businesses to iterate and innovate. With the incredible growth in retail tools, strategies, and technology, the opportunities to evolve what the industry is, and can be, are limitless.

In this track, you’ll engage with some of the boldest minds in retail and digital commerce. Explore current trends in mobile and digital payments, learn how to personalize every consumer touch point, understand the crossover between traditional and digital spaces, and discover how to create immersive retail experiences. Learn from the game-changing startups and trailblazing tech firms that are remapping the entire retail experience from discovery to purchase. Join us to explore the newest wave of retail tech with those paving the way for big-box and independents alike.

Retail Speakers

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Thurs, Sept 26


10:00am - 10:15am

Welcome & Opening Remarks at Elevate Retail with David Allard of Samsung

Welcome and Opening Remarks with Jennifer Safruk, VP Sales and Product Management - Mobile at Samsung Electronics.


10:15am - 10:45am

The Next Frontier: Evolving Retail Through Human Engagement with Joe Jackman of Jackman Reinvents

The past decade of technological innovation has provided the platform and pipes for future retail—where to from here? According to Reinventionist Joe Jackman, the future of retail is human. When everything is equal and readily available, as it will be, it is values (and not traditional value) that become the tie breaker, the new battleground for brand affinity and purchase decisions. In this ‛back to the future’ talk, Joe explores the evolution of retail and the emergence of the values economy, pointing out the profound implications for brands as well as the tech industry. That by uncovering the human how of creating customer engagement deeper than the transactional—beyond product, price, access, and even today’s industry obsession with customer experience—retailers can become their most powerful and relevant.


10:45am - 11:05am

The Fast and the Curious: How to capture an audience’s attention in a highly competitive market with Graham Budd of Array of Stars, Steffen Christinsen of Jam3, Anna Wiesen of Somewherelse and Moderator Lance Chung of Bay Street Bull

Coachella. Pride. Nuit Blanche. These are all content rich environments rife with brand activations. On this panel, Bay Street Bull’s Lance Chung will lead a discussion with three of Canada’s leading design and brand activation studios on how to break through the noise, generate interest, and create an authentic brand experience with only a few seconds to draw the audience in.


11:05am - 11:25am

Total Store Price Optimization with Parm Singh of Precima

Whether online or in the store, some items tend to demand lower prices but drive perception and volume, while some can withstand higher prices and drive more profit with limited risk to customer loyalty. It’s very common for shoppers to comparison-shop for some key items and not for others. In this talk, we’ll explore how retailers can balance the whole picture to develop a comprehensive pricing strategy that works for the entire store or website, enabling retailers to make smart, balanced pricing decisions that deliver against financial targets while also meeting the needs of their best customers.


11:25am - 11:40am

Disrupting Retail Practices to Drive Success with Don Romano of Hyundai

The process of buying a car has been the same for close to a century. It’s clear that innovation in automotive retailing is long overdue, but there are many challenges to evolving an age-old model when you’re selling such a high-involvement, high-cost product. In this talk, Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp, will share insights on how Hyundai and Genesis are disrupting the industry by introducing omni-channel models to better meet the needs of today’s consumers. While Hyundai is evolving its traditional practices, Genesis takes this a step further by completely flipping the standard automotive business model on its head. · Don will explain how both brands have successfully broken through the walls of traditional brick and mortar retail, providing a strong case study that proves evolution in even the most long-standing, rigid business models is possible.


11:40am - 11:55am

Retail Innovation Trends with Sukhmani Dev of Mastercard

The retail environment is evolving at a rapid pace and retailers of all sizes are trying to keep up. Join Sukhmani Dev of Mastercard as she shares the trends that are shaping the future of retail globally. From the impact of artificial intelligence, to how direct-to-consumer brands are competing with large enterprises; you can’t afford to miss this insightful look into the future of retail.


11:55am - 12:15pm

Frictionless Commerce Part 1 with Paul Sudarsan of Loblaws Digital and Sukhmani Dev of Mastercard

Merging the physical and digital worlds together to create a seamless, secure and, ultimately, better experience in-store and online for consumers is the holy-grail for most retailers. In this Fireside Chat, with Loblaws Paul Sudarsan and Mastercard’s Sukhmani Dev discuss how Loblaws is looking to cut through the noise of buzzwords and digitize the daily spend experience for Canadians.


12:15pm - 12:30pm

Frictionless Commerce Part 2 with Michael Eubanks of LCBO and Sukhmani Dev of Mastercard

In this Fireside Chat, LCBO's Michael Eubanks and Mastercard’s Sukhmani Dev will discuss the steps LCBO has taken to expand and transform their business and explore how other companies can look to innovate their digital offerings and work to create a frictionless customer experience.


01:30pm - 01:45pm

Future Visioning: Key Technologies Transforming Retail with Amanda Cosco of Electric Runway

From subscription services to bots that design your clothes, the retail landscape is changing at such rapid speed, it’s difficult to keep up. In this keynote talk, fashion futurist Amanda Cosco shares the leading technologies transforming the retail experience. Drawing from her expertise covering innovations in consumer experiences globally, Amanda outlines what brands big and small should be keeping an eye on for the next five years and beyond.


01:45pm - 02:10pm

Iconic Innovation with Duncan Fulton and Susan Krashinsky Robertson of The Globe and Mail

Join Duncan Fulton, Chief Corporate Officer of Restaurant Brands International, to learn how one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, with ⁓26,000 locations in over 100 countries, is innovating, digitizing and growing their three iconic brands: Burger King, Tim Hortons and Popeyes.


02:10pm - 02:30pm

The Age of Emotional Design – Exploring Retail Spaces with George Foussias of Quadrangle

Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly evoke an emotional response. Join me on a short journey about immersive design, how it shapes human behaviour and what it will mean to the retail landscape.


02:30pm - 02:55pm

Personalization and Loyalty for Customers with Emily Bobko of Precima, Suzanna Morris of Indigo and Moderator Patrick Dickinson

In this panel discussion, three loyalty experts will discuss the changing face of loyalty: personalization versus automation, quantitative versus qualitative and new approaches to millennial audiences.


02:55pm - 03:10pm

SickKids VS Apathy: Creating Immersive Experiences That Drive Action with Adam Starkman and Kate Torrance of SickKids Foundation

The challenge for any charity is to effectively attract donors, demonstrate a real need, and inspire action. SickKids is winning the fight against donor apathy by leveraging strategic corporate partnerships and new technology to connect people to the cause in disruptive and unexpected ways. Join us as we walk through a few examples of how we jolt those potential donors sitting on the sidelines of our fight and inspire them to give generously.


03:10pm - 03:20pm

Securing Consumer Trust with Blockchain with Ramy Zhang of The Knowledge Society

To a consumer, the history of each product they pluck off from a shelf and toss into their carts is a black box. There's no way for them to truly ascertain the origin of an object. And now, with all data on a product being siloed in different systems from stakeholder to stakeholder in retail supply chains, not only is it hard to even verify the provenance of an item from within the supply chain, but it also causes friction throughout the payments process for businesses themselves. Using the unique properties of digital ledger technologies like blockchain, retail businesses can finally get a chance at solving this trust and transparency problem, while keeping their own information safe.


03:20pm - 03:35pm

Transforming the Retail Experience Through Strategic Partnerships with Travis Ames of Microsoft

Consumers live and work across multiple devices. As mobile-first workers continue to grow, the demand for a more seamless connectivity and open, collaborative approach is crucial to provide the best experiences and opportunities for consumers. Learn more on how Microsoft and our partners are welcoming a new generation of mobile experience, bridging the gap between mobility and performance.


03:35pm - 04:00pm

Disrupting the Age Old Industry of Fine Jewelry with Noura Sakkijha of Mejuri and Barb Atkin

In this fireside chat led by industry veteran Barb Atkin, CEO Noura Sakkijha will share the ins and outs of building Mejuri, a business that has turned the very traditional jewelry world on it's head. Their unique approach to jewelry has gained a cult following and led to their recently closed $31 million Series B round. From dropping micro-collections every week to shifting their focus to a customer segment long ignored by other businesses (women buying for themselves), Sakkijha will share some of the tools and decisions they've made to become a major force shaking up the industry.


04:00pm - 06:30pm

The Priceless® Mixer at Northern Maverick

Keep the conversation going! Join Mastercard for The Priceless Mixer at Northern Maverick from 4:00pm – 6:30pm.   Be entertained by top Toronto talent including re.verse, DJ Skratch Bastid and violinist Andrew Forde. Enjoy unlimited food and an open bar, while creating your own Priceless Cocktail and Album Cover.


06:00pm - 10:00pm

Ping Pong Party @ Stackt (Day 2)

Astound Commerce is joining the Elevate King West festivities at Stackt with a high-energy Ping Pong extravaganza. With DJ Lee Groves laying down the tracks and a digital leaderboard tracking the spins and wins of underdogs and champions alike. The Astound Ping Pong Party is the place to unwind after the Elevate day sessions, or wind up for some evening drinks and fun.

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