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Wed, Sept 25

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Wed, Sept 25


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The business of money is changing. Financial services around the world face new challengers, new technology, and changing regulatory environments that will dictate the future of money for the 21st century.

The speed of change poses important questions. Is cryptocurrency the future of currency or an unregulated boondoggle? Is open banking the future of banking or an open door to data privacy abuse? What will banking look like for Gen Z?

Elevate Money will investigate these questions along two important themes: trust and value. Financial leaders, FinTech founders, and informed analysts will discuss digital ID and digital currencies, open banking and data privacy, the new ways to finance entrepreneurship, and the regulatory framework required to enable financial innovation.

Join us at Elevate Money for in-depth discussions and the opportunity to directly engage today’s experts.

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Wed, Sept 25


10:00am - 10:15am

Welcome and Opening Remarks at Elevate Money – Trust and Value

Welcome and Opening Remarks


10:15am - 10:45am

From Upstart to Incumbent with Michael Katchen of Wealthsimple in Conversation with Douglas Soltys of BetaKit

When Wealthsimple launched, it was dismissed by Canadian financial incumbents. Now, the company owns the majority of Canada's robo-advisor space, will plans to build a full stack financial service. Wealthsimple CEO Michael Katchen sits down for a fireside conversation to investigate the company's unique path to building a competitor to the financial incumbents in Canada.


10:47am - 11:02am

What Do Fintech Startups Know That You Don’t with Danielle Juneau of TWG

What’s the motivation for building innovative products at your company? For Fintech startups, maintaining a singular focus on solving customer problems is a matter of survival. As retail banking services become commoditized, startups are leveraging ‘authentic’ experiences to draw customers from the incumbents. TWG’s Danielle Juneau will share how Enterprise FI’s can leverage User Research to shift their strategy from selling existing products to focusing on the needs of the customer.


11:04am - 11:34am

What Canada Can Learn From Challenger Banks Abroad with Alexandra Nuth of Brightside ATB Financial, Daniel Eberhard of Koho and Saud Aziz of Revolut

Global challenger banks are invading North America. But Canada’s financial market is far different from the one found south of the border, with a distinct legislative and regulatory environment. This panel will explore the opportunity for both foreign and local challenger banks against Canada’s ‘Big Five’.


11:36am - 11:51am

Alternative Finance Models with Machine Learning with Alishba Imran of The Knowledge Society

Alishba is a 16-year-old Machine Learning, Blockchain researcher and developer who has interned at TD Bank and is developing alternative finance models. 1.7 billion adults worldwide still don’t have access to financial services. She will talk more about this issue, innovations in the space and how we can apply Google's wide and deep learning model to solve this issue with alternative lending models.


11:53am - 12:28pm

Innovating to Win – Masai Ujiri in Conversation with Tangerine’s CEO, Gillian Riley

He is an icon and the mastermind behind transforming the Raptors to bring home Canada’s first NBA Championship title. Toronto Raptors’ President, Masai Ujiri, joins Gillian Riley, the force behind digital bank Tangerine, to discuss leadership, visionary thinking, and what it takes to win.


01:30pm - 01:45pm

The Future of Commerce Requires Trust with Debbie Gamble of Interac

Interac's Chief Officer, Innovation Labs and New Ventures, explains the currency of the future and how the rapid change of technology will impact customer experiences. This keynote will have a strong emphasis on building trust with consumers through different experiences and how financial services companies can continue to embrace and service a connected world.


01:47pm - 02:17pm

Building the Trust Foundation with Debbie Gamble of Interac, Tanya Woods of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Sue Britton of FinTech Growth Syndicate

Post-Cambridge Analytica, consumers continue to question the security and privacy of their personal information. Financial services companies have a fiduciary responsibility to protect consumer data in a connected world, while emerging technologies such as Digital ID and Blockchain are enabling alternative access to trusted services. A trust layer will be more imperative than ever to build and maintain consumer confidence. This panel will explore how companies will drive the future of commerce by enabling merchants and financial services entities to build stronger trust frameworks into their business, tech and data models. All driven by consumer trust and consent.


02:19pm - 02:49pm

Unlocking Africa with Akoin with Akon, Jon Karas, Lynn Liss of Akoin moderated by Patricia Bebia Mawa

Multi-platinum recording artist and social impact leader Akon and the Akoin founding team participate in a panel conversation about their plans to build an African economy powered by cryptocurrency. This panel will discuss the current status of the Akoin Ecosystem, using tech for good, and Akon’s belief that cryptocurrency allows Africans to “advance themselves independent of [their] government.”


02:51pm - 03:06pm

10 Signs Your Organization is Performing Innovation Theatre with Tom Walsham of TWG

The financial industry's investment in digital transformation over the past decade has put them in an enviable position compared to many other verticals. Customers interact effortlessly with online services and mobile devices deliver instant access through powerful, personalized native apps. With the most obvious problems solved, banks, insurance providers and other FIs have made significant investments in innovation labs and incubators hoping to uncover the Next Big Thing and keep hungry startups at bay.

In this lightning talk, Tom will examine the practices, org structures, and activities that look like innovation but are little more than ‘innovation theatre’. This session will provide actionable insights on how to reposition budgets and internal innovation teams to deliver real value while empowering and motivating your change-makers to keep your organization ahead of the competition.


03:08pm - 03:38pm

The Global Impact of Digital Identity with Aran Hamilton of Identity North, Neil Butters of Interac, Joni Brennan of Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada, Katie Greenberg of Scotiabank, and Azadeh Dindayal of IDENTOS Inc.

Digital ID and authentication projects are gaining attention in many parts of Canada and around the world, This panel will explain why this is an important initiative, what it will enable for us, how it will impact the concept of money, and how Canadian tech companies have an advantage in this new emerging trend.


03:40pm - 03:55pm

Dismantling Innovation Silos and Empowering Teams Across the Enterprise

What is really holding back your innovation efforts? Working with digital product and innovation teams at some of Canada's largest enterprises, TWG's VP of Client Services, Alamelu Radhakrishnan, has worked through and around the major hurdles to fostering creativity and innovation at all levels of the organization. Creativity shouldn’t be limited to innovation labs and incubators; and in this talk, Alamelu will share actionable insights to make innovation part of the culture at all levels of the organization, in process-driven and regulated environments, through a focus on continuous improvement, people over process and a culture of personal accountability.


03:57pm - 04:27pm

The Regulatory Fight Against Digital Currencies with Ted Livingston of Kik

Kik is in a legal fight with the SEC over Kin. Rypple is taking out full-page ads to US Congress. Meanwhile, Canada's digital asset ecosystem is currently being stifled due to a lack of regulatory clarity and support. This session will investigate the dangers of painting all digital currencies with the same brush.

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Thurs, Sept 26

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