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Wed, Sept 25

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Elevate Money


Wed, Sept 25


Design Exchange

234 Bay St

The business of money is changing. Financial services around the world face new challengers, new technology, and changing regulatory environments that will dictate the future of money for the 21st century.

The speed of change poses important questions. Is cryptocurrency the future of currency or an unregulated boondoggle? Is open banking the future of banking or an open door to data privacy abuse? What will banking look like for Gen Z?

Elevate Money will investigate these questions along two important themes: trust and value. Financial leaders, FinTech founders, and informed analysts will discuss digital ID and digital currencies, open banking and data privacy, the new ways to finance entrepreneurship, and the regulatory framework required to enable financial innovation.

Join us at Elevate Money for in-depth discussions and the opportunity to directly engage today’s experts.

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