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Mon, Sept 23

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Data Analytics


Mon, Sept 23


Loyalty One

351 King St E

Data has become one of the most powerful and important global currencies. That currency is meaningless without strong analytics that can quickly extract and prepare those millions of bytes in a meaningful way. Rising consumer expectations, the rapid advancement of machine learning, and a highly competitive business landscape mean having a strong analytics roadmap to process big data has never been more important.

Join data experts and industry leaders as we explore how to up your game through personalization, machine learning, cutting edge data management solutions, and seamless integrations that will transform your data into a profitable ROI.

Data Analytics Speakers

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Mon, Sept 23


10:00am - 10:20am

Welcome & Opening Remarks at Elevate Data Analytics with Jesse Hirsh of the Academy of the Impossible

Technology is changing our relationship with authority: who we trust, who we listen to, and how we plan for our future. This is driven by an explosion of information that is providing us with the opportunity to understand our world in ways not previously possible. With all the information that is generated about us, should we not benefit from the insights available? What are the opportunities that advanced analytics enables, and what role does narrative play in making it all possible? Can we have our cake and eat it too? Let’s democratize artificial intelligence, upgrade our society, and use the tools we have to make the future we desire.


10:20am - 10:45am

Buy or Wait? Using (big) data & analytics to save money on travel with Patrick Surry of Hopper

Buying travel has historically been time-consuming and painful, with pricing that’s complex, confusing and always changing. By using huge volumes of real-time pricing data, Hopper has flipped the traditional model to deliver transparency and advice to our customers. Hopper’s data-driven recommendations and predictions on the best time to fly and buy build trust, save time, and reduce frustration, creating valuable long-term relationships with our customers.


10:45am - 11:15am

Can you rise to your consumers’ expectations? with Jane Moran of LoyaltyOne

Leveraging Data at Scale to Treat Your Best Customers Better and Find Your Next Best Customer. Ever since the emergence of the “Big Data” promise, brands all over the world have been trying to solve how to leverage data at scale to deepen the relationship with their customers. But when only 20% of big data programs are successful, you have to wonder why brands struggle. What is holding brands back? Today’s savvy consumers demand not only transparency but value in exchange for their data and it’s more important than ever for businesses to harness the data they collect to deliver meaningful value to both their customers and organizations. The brands that don’t are sure to be left behind. Jane will talk about how the network effect delivers a win-win scenario for their customers and shareholders.


11:15am - 11:25am

Ask me Anything with Jane Moran of LoyaltyOne

The audience will have the opportunity to delve into their burning questions around how to leverage data at scale with Jane Moran.


11:25am - 12:00pm

What do Customers Want? We Have the Receipts

The rapidly rising demand for user personalization to meet customer expectations necessitates a re-evaluation of how we insightfully analyze big data. The panel will discuss how companies can “up” their analytics game by managing and integrating their approach to thinking in analytics.


12:00pm - 12:20pm

The Future of Marketing Attribution with Duri Alajrami of Moneris

This year will mark a major milestone in the world of advertising. For the first time, digital ad spend in the US will exceed traditional ad spend, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast, reaching $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spend. So the “billion” dollar questions here is, what are retailers doing to measure and attribute the impact of all that spend on their in-store sales?


12:20pm - 12:45pm

The Journey Towards 100% Attribution

100% attribution is the goal, but getting to 100% attribution is a long journey that needs to involve an integrated approach from not only the entire marketing department but buy-in from the whole organization. Hear from industry leaders on the journey to fully implement a fulsome attribution model using a robust marketing technology stack.


02:30pm - 02:45pm

How Analytics Innovation is Driving Business Transformation with Timo Elliott of SAP

Data and analytics isn’t just about better decisions — it’s now the foundation for the business models of the future. Real-time data and machine learning is redefining the limits of what’s possible and opening up new business opportunities. We’ll look at real-world examples of organizations that are negotiating the new opportunities, using the latest technologies to collect, store, leverage, and analyze information in new ways, and using it transform the way they do business.


02:45pm - 03:10pm

Featured Case Study at Elevate Data Analytics

Join us at Elevate 2019!


03:10pm - 03:35pm

Applied Analytics with Mark Burchell of LoyaltyOne

Analyzing Analysts. Who are these people? Mark conducts a nerd segmentation system onto the culture of analytics and exposes why “Brilliant” ideas fail outside of our world.


03:35pm - 04:00pm

In Conversation with Solmaz Shahalizadeh of Shopify

Join us at Elevate 2019!


02:00pm - 02:30pm

In Conversation with Hossein Rahnama of Flybits & Rizwan Khalfan of TD

Join us at Elevate 2019!

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