The Future of Work

By: Stephanie Porfiris, October 23 2020

Event Recap

Our guests were joined by Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School and founder of the advisory practice HSM. She is an award-winning author on the future of work and the role of corporations. She sat down with the group to share how she believes we’ll be working 20 years from now, and what HR leaders can do to make sure they’re on the right side of history.

Key learnings

  • Has COVID-19 accelerated or dampened the future of work?
  • Boundary management: staying focused and motivated at home
  • The need for a hybrid work environment
  • Partnerships in a world without conventional networking
  • Why upskilling and reskilling is more important than ever
  • Fairness as a future issue
  • Why it’s too early to decide on an entirely remote workforce

“Fairness will start to become a big issue. Because we don’t know how we want people to work. Why is it that some people will have to go to work? And why is it some people will have to work from home? When you get lots of flexibility, trust becomes an issue.

Lynda Gratton

You may have missed out on this conversation, but don’t worry — we have more upcoming CHRO roundtables featuring amazing experts!