A Sustainability Legend’s Hopes for the Future: Dr. Jane Goodall

By: Stephanie Porfiris, October 28 2020

In the pilot episode of Elevate Endeavour, astronaut Chris Hadfield sits down with renowned activist, primatologist, and sustainability legend Dr. Jane Goodall to talk about our link with the natural world.

Together they discuss chimpanzee hugs, their own personal adventures, their hopes (and fears) for the planet and its future, and the steps we must take, as a soceity, to set ourselves on the right course. 

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Looking at the Earth from a space shuttle, Chris Hadfield’s perspective creates a unique blueprint on how to live a better life on this planet that we call home. With this lens, he invites others to enrich and add to this perspective. Like director James Cameron who speaks about his deep-sea explorations and his commitment to sustainable food supply. Or actor and activist Forest Whitaker, who brings empathy to the forefront when discussing peace and conflict resolution. The conversations are rich and inspiring, take a look at the series from a bird’s eye view at our YouTube channel.

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If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Goodall’s work or how you can help be part of building a better future for the planet, take a look at some of these additional resources.

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