Disruption for Good – Recap

By: Stephanie Porfiris, October 23 2020

Event Recap

Our guests were joined by Trish McFarlane, CEO and Principal Analyst for H3 HR Advisors and co-host of The HR Happy Hour podcast network. She is also the CEO/Co-Founder of HRevolutionize, LLP. With Trish at the helm, the group discussed how CHROs can lead their teams through disruption.

Key Learnings

Discussion topics included:

  • Balancing the differences (and similarities) between disruption and innovation
  • Cutting down on ‘noise’ and calming anxiety — giving employees a sense of control
  • Leading your team and managing change to cultivate innovation
  • How to have deep conversations with leadership (and measure them)
  • What engagement really means, and how understanding personal needs is the key

“When you think about the difference between disruption and innovation, sometimes they are interchangeable. Innovation is something you choose to do. You can be very mindful of that. 

Trish McFarlane

You may have missed out on this conversation, but don’t worry — we have more upcoming CHRO roundtables featuring amazing experts!