How to convince your boss to send you to Elevate Festival

By: Shivani Persad, June 27 2024

If you work at a startup and your primary reason for attending the Elevate Festival is to grow professionally, maybe your boss should foot the bill! We know you see the value in all of the programming Elevate Festival offers: unmatched networking, incredible speakers, professional development and more. So, how can you convince your boss that you should have an opportunity to attend the festival and bring what you have learned back to your company?

In this blog post, you’ll learn more specifically what you can gain from attending Elevate Festival and exactly how to structure your ask to your boss. 

Stay ahead of tech trends in 2024

This year, our exclusive content tracks are designed to keep you engaged from start to finish. From Main Stage speakers like Kawa Swisher, Teresa Resch and Tori Dunlap, to talks on cybersecurity, lifestyle, fintech, and AI, you’ll learn about every new trend you need to be “in the know” in 2024. 

Anyone who works at a startup will be thrilled by our Scale Up content track. In it, you’ll hear unique stories from seasoned founders like Dax Dasilva about their wins, losses, and obstacles along their journey. Learn how they leveraged the latest tech trends and tools to overcome challenges and drive their success. Gain practical advice on staying ahead of industry developments and applying cutting-edge innovations to your venture.

Our Future Focus track will benefit every attendee. Speakers will explore how breakthroughs in every industry, from healthcare to finance, can and are improving our world.

Here’s what you can say to convince your boss: I’m really interested in (insert topic here) and how it pertains to our business. I was wondering if there’s any budget for me to attend Elevate Festival this year on behalf of (your company) because I want to hear from (insert speaker name) on the (content track). I think this would help me keep up to date with (insert trend) and learn how we can use it to (insert specific way the trend impacts your business). 

Network, network, network with industry leaders and peers

Elevate Festival caters to effective networking and is designed to go beyond surface-level interaction. We curate our stages so that the person sitting next to you is someone genuinely interested in the same specific topics. It’s likely you’ll have more to speak about than a simple exchange of pleasantries.

This year, we also have an exclusive lounge for women in tech to foster genuine networking between women-identifying and gender-nonconforming people. We aim to provide a safe space where unique challenges and solutions are discussed. In an industry dominated by men, our Women+ in Tech lounge promotes diverse perspectives, a culture of sharing and a community of support.

Also new for 2024, we are partnering with Braindate by e-180. Braindates are knowledge-sharing conversations that you book for one-on-one meetings or in small groups of six for enhanced peer learning on-site in the Braindate Lounge. The Elevate Festival app makes it easy to access the Braindate platform for intentional networking. 

For founders (or anyone who works at a startup), our Startup Lounge provides focused networking for those building companies and experiencing startup culture. Aside from creating new connections with others in the startup community, this lounge is a great place to get advice from C-level executives, meet a potential new partner, or find an investor.

Here’s what to say to convince your boss: I heard that Elevate Festival is a great place to network with others in tech, specifically (enter group or industry here). I think this would be really beneficial to growing our business because (insert reason here). I’m keen to connect with others, get (your company) more exposure, gain new insights, and build partnerships with us. Is there any room in the budget for me to attend on behalf of (your company)? 

Enhance your professional development 

At Elevate Festival, your professional development takes center stage through various engaging formats, including roundtables, workshops, and masterclasses.

We’ve expanded our masterclass offerings this year, building on last year’s success. We craft our 50-minute sessions for professionals eager to explore cutting-edge technologies and trends. Each masterclass features a mix of expert-led lectures and interactive activities, ensuring you gain both valuable insights and practical skills. Join a community of forward-thinking peers to connect, learn, and propel your career with actionable insights.

Additionally, we’re hosting three dynamic pitch competitions to spotlight startups and enhance brand visibility. From the electrifying Opening Night Pitch Showcase to the targeted Moneris and Women+ Pitch Competitions, attendees will witness the forefront of tech innovation as leading startups unveil their revolutionary ideas.

You may also want to tell your boss that we have founder-focused content for them, too! Our exclusive roundtables take place on October 3rd. These intimate, 45-minute discussions connect them with industry leaders and experienced founders, focusing on their specific fundraising challenges. With only 10 founders per table, these sessions promise direct access to tailored advice and insights in an engaging setting.

Here’s what to say to convince your boss: I heard that Elevate Festival is a great event for me to get some professional development, specifically through their (enter masterclasses/roundtables/pitches). I think this would be really beneficial to growing our business because (insert reason here). I’m keen to learn more in an environment led by experts in (your industry) and apply that knowledge to (your company). Is there any room in the budget for me to attend on behalf of (your company)? 

Get inspired by incredible speakers

From journalist Kara Swisher to Founder of Waverly Commerce Phillipe Beaudoin, you’ll hear from phenomenal speakers at Elevate Festival. We feature some of the biggest names in tech and those with a wealth of experience tackling complex issues.

For example, speaker Chris Hadfield is a renowned Canadian astronaut with experience in space exploration, STEM advocacy and environmental stewardship. He’s also able to speak to leadership and resilience, qualities startup founders need, from his time as a former commander of the International Space Station.

Someone with direct tech industry experience, like Erika Ayers Badan, CEO of Food52, has extensive experience navigating challenges many startups face. For example, compensation, equity, and valuing employees during periods of rapid growth. Hearing from founders like her is invaluable for startup leaders looking to learn from real-world experiences and gain practical insights.

Be sure to check out all of our phenomenal speakers here.

Here’s what to say to convince your boss: I’d really like to attend Elevate Festival because they have some great speakers this year, like (insert speaker names). Specifically, I’m interested in hearing them speak about (insert topics). I’m keen to learn from them because I think I could learn more about (your industry) and then apply that knowledge to (your company). Is there any room in the budget for me to attend on behalf of (your company)?

We’ve covered a lot of ground on why Elevate Festival is the must-attend event for founders. From staying ahead of the curve with industry trends to forging valuable connections and enhancing your professional development, Elevate Festival offers an unmatched experience.

Are you ready to take your startup career to the next level?

Don’t miss out! Secure your tickets to Elevate Festival today. We know you want to do your job to the best of your ability, and we want to help you get there with all the resources and guidance you’ll receive at our festival. Hopefully, this blog post will help you convince your boss that your attendance at Elevate Festival will benefit them, too.

Take advantage of our discounted tickets while you can. We can’t wait to see you there!