Beyond the Triple Bottom Line

By: Stephanie Porfiris, October 23 2020

Event Recap

Our guests were joined by entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist, Bruce Poon Tip. Bruce is the founder of G Adventures, an award-winning small group adventure travel company and pioneer of community tourism. Together, the group discussed how to transition teams back out of the ‘new normal’.

Key learnings

Discussion topics included:

  • When the world opens back up, will employees shut off Zoom & get back on planes for business?
  • Strategies for morale during crises
  • What “stronger on the other side” really means
  • How to foster a supportive environment remotely

“Focus on culture and people, because the culture is your brand — your key proposal to customers.”

Bruce Poon Tip

You may have missed out on this conversation, but don’t worry — we have more upcoming CHRO roundtables featuring amazing experts!